Towering Your Success April 25, 2015

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The Towering Your Success Conference

Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church

1180 Bartlett St| Macon, GA 31204

April 25, 2015 @ 10AM

Registration $15

OFFICIAL Ticket Locations:

1.     LaTrenda’s World for Learning (at the following locations):

2550 Rocky Creek Road Macon, GA 31204

4025 Villa Ave Macon, GA 31204

           3182 Houston Ave Macon GA 31206


The Towering Your Success Conference is designed to give businesses, organizations, and individuals the tools needed to achieve, redirect, and redevelop their success. To achieve this, successful businesses and individuals within Middle Georgia will come together and share how they were able to attain their goals and to give you the tools to Tower Your Own Success.

SESSION 1: Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health – 10AM

Julie May – Social Worker, Bibb County School District


Julie May is a social worker for the Bibb County School District. Julie May serves the following schools in Bibb County: Ballard-Hudson Middle, Barden Elementary, Bloomfield Middle, Heritage Elementary, Morgan Elementary, Rice Elementary, and Southwest High School. Julie May graduated from Georgia College and State University. She received her Masters Degree in social work from The University of Georgia. She has 23 years of experience in social work, and has given much to the middle georgia community, and to the Bibb County School District. “What you make happen for others, whether good or bad, God will make it happen for you” is Julie May’s keystone belief.

Christopher Cabiness – Pastor, New Hope Baptist Church – Macon, GA


Christopher Cabiness is the Pastor of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Macon, Georgia. While New Hope is becoming known as a “Church Without Walls,” their vision is to build a congregation that consists of people from all socioeconomic classes, to reach the broken, heal the wounded, and reclaim the rejected. As a result, the City of Hope has become a steady, consistent growing church in the Middle Georgia region. Many have come to know Jesus Christ!

Pastor Cabiness holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Minnesota School of Theology, an associate school of Georgia Bible College where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and received the Professor’s Award. He has been blessed to be an entrepreneur, and is a certified process server and private investigator. He was previously employed in the financial industry for over 10 years. Pastor Cabiness is known for his wisdom and ability to minister and mentor to boys transitioning to manhood as well as men new to spirituality. He is married to the gifted and anointed Katina Fraley Cabiness. It cannot be denied that God has called and blessed this couple to minister and witness as an effective team through his preaching/teaching and her anointed voice of praise. It is through their ministry that God’s Kingdom is edified and glorified.

Gloria Smith Cisse, LPC, LMSW, CTRTC Reality Therapist – Owner – The Southern Center for Choice Theory, LLC


Gloria Smith Cisse’ is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Master Social Worker, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certified Therapist, and Certified Choice Theory Reality Therapy practitioner in Macon, Georgia. Ms. Cisse’ completed a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at Fort Valley State University and a Master of Social Work at The University of Georgia. Ms. Gloria Cisse’ works in private practice with The Southern Center for Choice Theory, LLC. She is a part-time faculty member at Fort Valley State University. The most important job for Ms. Cisse’ is being a mother to four daughters and one son, grandmother to eighteen, sister to seven, sister-in-law to six and the daughter of Carrie Mae Killen Smith.

Takeela Freeman – Graduate Student, Argosy University


Takeela Freeman was born in Macon, GA where she graduated from Southwest High School. After graduation, Takeela continued her education by attending Albany State University, where she graduated with her Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology. Takeela went on to attend the graduate program at Argosy University in Clinical Mental Health. While continuing her education at Arogsy University, Takeela was required to finish an internship. She did so under the supervision and leadership of Gloria Cisse, Owner of The Southern Center for Choice Theory. Takeela will complete her graduate program in June of 2015. After graduation, Takeela will continue on the path of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. Takeela Freeman has had training in Basic Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, counseling children who have been sexually abused, counseling sexual perpetrators, Family Violence Prevention Program, and children with behavioral issues.

SESSION 2: Leadership @ 1PM

Dr. Thelma Dillard – President Of The Bibb County Board of Education


Dr. Thelma Dillard is the President of The Bibb County School District. Dr. Dillard is the former Vice-President and Treasurer for the Bibb County School District. Dr. Dillard served on the Macon City Council for 20 years, and has worked with a multiplicity of community empowerment organizations. Dr. Dillard has over 40 years in education. Dr. Dillard has a Doctorate Degree in Education Leadership, Master Degrees in Business Education, Special Education, Early Childhood, and Middle Grades Education.

Dr. Dillard has been awarded honors from many organizations: The Medgar Evers Award, Southeastern Regional NAACP Community Service Award, Macon City Council Community Service Award (20 years Service), Earl T. Shinhoster Freedom Award by NAACP, and the James Wimberly Institute Award. Dr. Dillard is the Executive Producer of the Documentary, “In the Shadow of Freedom: Macon’s 60’s Civil Rights Movement,” and the Curator of the Tubman Museum’s “Girls of Courage: First Steps Toward Integration of Schools” Exhibit.” Dr. Dillard has served her community for most of her life! Dr. Dillard has one beautiful daughter, Cartese L. Dillard, and they both attend Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church in Macon, GA.

Dr. Erin Weaver – Retired Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Bibb County School District


Dr. Erin Malloy Weaver is the former Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning for The Bibb County School District. Before Dr. Weaver held that position, she was the Director of Early Childhood Education. Also, Dr. Weaver was the Principal of Central High School, where she served there for 10 years. Dr. Weaver received her Doctorate degree from the University of Georgia in Educational Leadership! Dr. Weaver has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to leadership, success, and what it takes to accomplish goals. Everyone who knows Dr. Weaver would all confirm and attest to her humility, passion, fairness, and integrity. She will always carry Central High School’s motto: “We Lead; It can be done!”

Dr. Shandrina Griffin-Stewart – Principal of L.H Williams, Bibb County School District


Dr. Shandrina Griffin-Stewart is the proud Principal at Lewis Henry Williams Elementary School located in the Pleasant Hill Community. Dr. Stewart’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Middle Grades Education, with a primary focus in Language Arts, and a minor in Social Studies. Dr. Stewart has a Master’s Degree in Middle Grades Education, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and Change. In addition to being certified, and teaching a variety of middle and high school levels, Dr. Stewart has served as a grade level chairperson for 7th and 8th grade language arts and social studies teachers, assistant principal at Central High School and Skyview Elementary School and as an instructional leader, Dr. Stewart believes that “one must be present to lead, not only FIT physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.” To date, Dr. Stewart has served nineteen years with the Bibb County School District, and some of the successes experienced as an administrator includes increased awareness and participation of data collection and usage, improved school climate and moral, improved student performance, school removal from the alert list, a commitment to continuous school improvement, and notable growth in our stakeholder communication and relationships.

Dr. Teresia Dennis – President/CEO of ABC Learning Foundation


Dr. Teresia Dennis, an author, educator, business owner of multiple businesses, loving wife to Robert, Sr. and mother to three wonderful children (Tervonio, Robert, Jr. and Joshua.) Dr. Dennis received a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from Argosy University in Sarasota, Florida, an Educational Specialist designation in Elementary Education with an add-on in Administration & Supervision from Troy State University of Phoenix City, Alabama, and both Bachelors and Masters degrees from Fort Valley State University in Education with a concentration in Computer Science.

Currently, she is the President/CEO of ABC Learning Foundation, an organization established in Middle GA to support, promote and address individuals who may experience educational difficulties or need enrichment opportunities in various areas. Dr. Dennis recently opened the Riverside North DUI School, Inc. located on Riverside Drive in Macon, Georgia. She highlights her experiences of multiple educational/career opportunities to include: teacher, instructional coach, assistant principal, program coordinator, director, and a plethora of other tasks.

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