Thelron Pleas’ NEW Photo-Shoot


Thelron Pleas Studios has been on a Marketing, Design, and Branding campaign, which consists of redeveloping, redirecting, and achieving the goal of defining our brand. So we started with creating a logo, and that sets the standard, tone, and image of who we are. To continue to maximize on this campaign, we have finished our FIRST photo-shoot! We wanted to be able to show this massive transition to our audience, and to be able to do that, it must be captured and represented. So as you all can see, we are moving in great territory. Taking those photos were very essential because every major company, artist, or professional has professional photos that helps emphasize his or her brand and swag. Our photo-shoot was directed and produced by Royal Photography in Macon, GA, and they are the best photography service in Macon, GA. If you need any photography services, contact Royal Photography at So we are moving! Are you ready family? I know I am.

Also, We have invested in our graphic design to boost the appeal of our events, and our company in general. Christopher Marcs Design has assisted us in this transition, and we are so grateful for them. They design all our new flyers for our new programs, initiatives, and events. Many of the graphics you see on the website were designed by Christopher Marcs Design. We could have not completed this process without them! If you need any design needs, contact Christopher Marcs Design at