Official LOGO



Thelron Pleas Studios has rebranded itself with a NEW OFFICIAL Logo. The company has been in existence for eight years, and we are finally in a defining place. For a while, Thelron Pleas Studios has been producing theatrical productions, providing information technology services, Business and Educational consulting, and community outreach programs, so it has been a challenge to brand our company because of the many things we do. So finally, we have come to a branding concept, and let us explain it to you.

1. The logo is comprised of four “P’s” that represent PLEAS, which is our NEW parent company.

2. The four P’s represent the four pillars of PLEAS, which are:
a. Theatre
b. Information Technology
c. Consulting
d. Community Outreach

3. The four pillars make up PLEAS, and in that forming, make a TOWER of excellence.

4. Towers represent something that is supreme, incomparable, tall, with great intensity, high, the best, and the greatest. That is PLEAS! So when you see our new Logo, you know we are in the building!

Christopher Marcs Design collaborated  with us in the design of our logo, and they have been very CRUCIAL in this redevelopment process. We thank them for their collaborative contribution. If you need Christopher Marcs Design’s services, contact them at