Thelron Pleas Studios just launched the NEW website for our company!!!! All I can say is WOW. We launched our first website in 2011. Then, that was a great accomplishment, because we were just in our fourth year of operation. The first website was very general and basic. We used it for informative purposes, and only to be able to say “we have a website.” Thankfully, with all the growth we have reached in the past years, the old website did not reflect who we were. The site was outdated, it wasn’t “working” for us, and it did not include all the things we actually offered. In addition to our Marketing, Design, and Branding campaign, it was CRUCIAL to redevelop our website and bring it up to date. So, as you can see, the website is AMAZING. In this design, we were able to include EVERYTHING we do and offer under one site. On our new site, anyone is able to go and sign up for casting, inquire about our business services, sign up for volunteer/internship opportunities, and even buy tickets and products online. We have improved our online infrastructure, and the site is actually working for us. This new site is the hub for PLEAS, and if you want to know anything or get any resource from us, you can come to our site. This is a small overview, but with the site being so large, it would take too much time to write about all the new things, just know family we are TOWERING SUCCESS! By the way, the new website was designed by Thelron Pleas.