Marketing, Design, and Branding Campaign Complete

We have completed our Marketing, Design, and Branding campaign. I do not know about you all, but the staff at Thelron Pleas Studios is T-I-R-E-D! We have been working so much to get all of this marketing, design, and branding stuff done. But the good news is, we made it! We hope you all like our “NEW” look, and we hope you love our new BRAND. We did all of this for you all. We want you to have the best experience when you come in contact with Thelron Pleas Studios! In three months, we were able to create a new Logo, produce new professional photography, complete a total overhaul of our website, and push out new graphics for all our upcoming events and initiatives. If that is not a lot, I do not know what is. But this is just the beginning. We did all of this because we are getting ready for what is coming later this year. So stay tuned because this was the pre-show! In order for us to accommodate the growth and success that is getting ready to happen, we had to upgrade our infrastructure. Are you ready family?