Community Outreach

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Thelron Pleas Studios is ALWAYS doing community outreach! Currently, we have THREE community outreach programs. Partner, or Sponsor to help us to accomplish these goals TODAY!

1. Towering Your Success Conference

*The Towering Your Success Conference is an event that Thelron Pleas created and produced.  This is an event when ALL people from different backgrounds, careers, and aesthetics do one thing, and that is Tower Success. This event focuses on what you have to do to become a Tower. A Tower is something that is high, tall, something of great intensity, supreme, preeminent, and incomparable. That is what we want people to be and grow into. We give you the tools you need to Tower Your Own Success. This conference is for individuals, businesses, and organizations who wants to be more successful in their lives.

2. Towering the Arts’ Initiative

*Towering the Arts’ goal is to expand and reinvigorate the theatre arts culture in Middle GA. Towering the Arts’ Initiative creates diverse theatre programming that represents the Middle Georgia community racially, ethnically, religiously, politically, and socio-economically. Towering the Arts’ initiative seeks to produce such programming that all people in Middle Georgia will be able to enjoy good theatre and introduce many different theatrical aesthetics.

3. Motivated Movers’ Initiative

*Motivated Movers is an organization committed to improving education by working to assist high school students to become motivated, and move towards their future goals. We are committed and devoted to improving education in Middle Georgia. Motivated Movers connects students with the information and education needed to be successful after their post secondary matriculation; focusing and targeting three main areas of professional development; which consists of leadership, community service, and academic excellence.